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  The 'Venus Fixers' 

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Sketchbook (layered)

Created -

11 July 2022

Established in June 1943, during and after WWII to recover and restitute looted cultural treasures, the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) Section, consisting of approximately 345 men and women representing 14 nations, was nicknamed by the GI's as “Venus Fixers,” or “Monuments Men”.

In October 1944, Sgt. Hancock entered the devastated city of Aachen, Germany, and inspected the severely damaged Aachen Cathedral - that previously housed the relics of Charlemagne. 

Originally thought to be a lost

Rembrandt, this painting has no

known provenance.

If identified, Auction Curators have estimated that the original may be valued in the millions ...


The whimsical Gothic Revival-style Afton Villa plantation in Louisiana, was built between 1848 to 1856. 

This triptych was seen in the formal Sitting Room. Before the entire structure burned in 1963, some

of the panels were sold to collectors.


The recording for this song on what would become the album 'Revolver' began at 8 pm on 6 April 1966, in

Studio 3 at Abbey Road Studios.

The song’s title never appears in the song's lyrics. Lennon later revealed that, like "A Hard Day's Night", it was taken from one of Ringo Starr's malapropisms. In a television interview in early 1964, Starr had uttered the phrase "Tomorrow never knows" when laughing off an incident that took place at the British Embassy in Washington, DC, during which one of the guests had cut off a portion of his hair.

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