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johnny bevel still life

Still Life with balls - at Niagara Falls 1946

Still Life # 66 -with ghost & fruit

Still Life # 67 -with bulletproof force-field


Still Life #4 -with Still Life & Octopus


Still Life #19 -with famous Robots

              & Hangman Line Shapes

Still Life #4.1 -with Oatmeal & Tommyguns

Still Life #12 -with Muscles & Perspective

Still Life #9 -with Egg & Leg 

     through broken glass window

Still Life #2 -with Bear Trap & Birdfeeder

Still Life #5 -with the complete Internet (to date) & the entire Pacific Ocean

Still Life #8 -with Plant & Studded Snow Tire                        in Federal Prison


Still Life #1b -with boobs & tomato


Pre-Historic Still Life #6 -with Radio & Cave

Still Lifes #5 & #11 - NY & CA -with haircut options (on display in Lisbon)  2027 

En Plein Air

 - Still Life Prints


‘En plein air’ is a French expression meaning 'in the open air' and refers to

the act of working outdoors with the artist's subject in full view.

The materials for each composition in this series were assembled in a barn without a roof and carved into lithographic stone.

Then, hand-printed in the field outside the shelter.

Still Life #32 -with Snakeskin and rich Farmland

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