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Fabricated in 1938 in Vienna, by The Wyner -Werkstätte

Group, the casket could only be opened by very strong men with heavy

iron pry-bars.



# 2

Ventilation is was not considered.

Fabricated in 1937 in Vienna, by The Wyner -Werkstätte

Group, the container could only be opened by one hinged panel.



# 9

Ventilation is supplied by lifting the side walls 3/4" at the base.

Erwin Schrödinger

12 August 1887 -

4 January 1961 (aged 73)

His mother was of half Austrian and half English descent.

His father was Catholic and his mother was Lutheran. He himself was an atheist.

However, he had strong interests in Eastern religions and pantheism, and he used religious symbolism in his works.


He also believed his scientific work was an approach to Divinity, albeit in an intellectual sense.

On April 6, 1920, Schrödinger married Annemarie (Anny) Bertel.

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