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Steve Long

Editor / Director / Videographer / Artist

phone: (303) 722-0550

e mail:


Skills: Content creation, research & design services: specializing in television production.  Linear (& non-linear) video editor, digital artist, camera operator, lighting design, single & multi camera direction, technical direction, marketing skills. Marketing and script writing credits. Excellent client service experience.


Present: Creative Director : 14 years at Excal Visual LLP producing industrial training programs. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Pre-production- review scripts, develop shot-sheets, identify props and equipment, book and schedule site staff and production crew.

  • Multi-camera direction of on-site action & talent.

  • Camera work

  • Video editing & audio design - assemble sequences into Avid time-line, develop graphics, build 2D & 3D motion graphics and special effects

  • Mastering and transcoding of final program material (English & Spanish)  into various formats – for CD, DVD, LMS (H.264 / .mp4). Creating closed caption files.

  • Graphic design. Provide preliminary designs for product cover art, other advertising graphics for discs, PPT projects, internet visual and copy advertising for eblasts and youtube. Guide booklets and more. Consultation in final product marketing.

  • Media management and archiving.


Software / Hardware:

Avid Xpress Pro

Boris RED 5.0


After Effects

Sketch Up

SU Podium

DVD Lab Pro

Adobe Audition

Media Subtitler

3D Paintbrush

Anime Studio

InfiniD 3D

Illustrator 9.0


Microsoft Office

Sorenson Squeeze

Media 100

Experience with Apple OSX

Final Cut

Power Point & Keynote

iMovie /  iDVD



Panasonic AG-DVX-100B series camcorders and other cameras / camcorders. Live switching experience.


Ghost School: Single-cam,multi- betacam /studio & remote. Live switching experience. Post configurations to include: CMX Omni, Ampex ACE , AVID MC-Xpress, CMX 3100B, Adobe Premiere - Switchers: GVG 2500, Ampex Century/ AVC/ 4100/Vista, Abekas and Chyron character generators and an assortment of DVE generators.


Summary: With 26 years in various capacities of television production, product presentation & marketing, research & writing, event production, and design development-  I can bring an effective combination of both technical and aesthetic skills to any project.





1999- 2001-             Technical Producer: American Furniture Warehouse

                                    8501 Grant St. / Thornton CO  80229

                                    Responsible for @ 400 TV commercials:  complete production and

                                    post-production, including  multi-platform scheduling & distribution.

                                    Responsible for training tape development and execution / other product specific marketing.


 1998-1999                Producer: AT&T MEDIA SERVICES

                                    699  Summit Blvd

                                    Frisco, CO, 80443

                                    Responsible for TV commercials, and 2 one-hour long resort specific

                                    programs:  complete production and post-production.


1996-1998-             Freelance videographer/editor

                                   COBE BCT, Avalon Systems, Kitchenaid, JC Penney, Rocky’s Autos, Big O Tires, IMAX at the 

                                   Denver Museum of Natural History, Peace Jam, The Fort Restaurant, Boston Market, Bridgeport

                                   Nature Center, Rocky Mountain Porchse Club, University of Denver, KDVR, 1999 AT&T Lodo Music

                                   Festival, more.


References:             Fred Hull


                                    Excal Visual LLP

                                    (303)  413-0847


                                    Shoni Kahn


                                    Excal Visual LLP

                                    (303)  413-0847                              


                                    Gene Moffett

                                    Gene Moffett Studios

                                    (303) 807-3068





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